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Process groups currently offered.

Group Psychotherapy

Change your life by experiencing relationships in a supportive group setting guided by a competent and caring professional. Experience helping yourself and helping others . Develop new meaningful relationships.

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Transformations Group

Group for men seeking to empower themselves. Deepen friendships. Express what needs to be said. Identify what feels missing. Ajust your expectations. Accept closeness and love. Give your life meaning.

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Menís Empowerment Group

Group for mature adults. You are wisdom keepers that have an ongoing responsibility of maintaining societyís well-being. You can harvest the wisdom of your life and transmit a legacy of hope for those you love and future generations.

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Loving Life Group

Practice Techniques like breathing retraining, muscle relaxation, and in-vivo exposure in session. Observe group membersí accomplishments and difficulties. Review your progress with group and facilitator in session

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Anxiety Disorder group