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Psychotherapy is today generally accepted as a useful and necessary means to overcome personal and relationship difficulties. Some people buying prozac and find that therapy is beneficial on a continuous basis. They find that it not only helps solve specific problems, but that it also keeps them focused on change. It is instrumental in meeting the goal of? becoming a better? and? happier person.

There are several different modalities of psychotherapy such as: individual therapy; marital, couples, or partner therapy; or family therapy.? Traditionally individual therapy is the most common format encountered.? Marital and family therapy is? also prevalent for work on improving close and significant relationships.

Group therapy has? often been used in treatment of specific issues such as substance abuse or eating disorder interventions. Sometimes groups are used as an effective way to communicate? and educate participants.? Process group therapy generally involves from three to ten? group members. It is a continuous process where new members join in and members who have met their treatment goals leave any time they feel they are ready. It offers participants the opportunity? to give and receive support in coping with their particular issues as well as to observe? and obtain feedback on how they interact? with others.

Process group psychotherapy? is more affordable.Generally fees for one group therapy session (which usually lasts for one hour and a half) are about half of the amount charged for a 50 minute session of individual therapy.

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